About SF Design

A picture? It is worth a thousand words, and with those words you create the narrative. Photography is not just snapping pictures. It is about what can be conveyed in those pictures. The emotions, thoughts, visions, dreams of a subject are being expressed through a lens and being transformed within the photograph. A rose or a building or a model stepping down the catwalk can not tell the viewer with words whats going on, but when a person looks at a photo they should feel everything.

I’m a photographer, nerd, and comic book lover. Originally a graphic designer, I was always interested in art, drawing, and computers. I wanted to put my own creative mark into my work using Photoshop, my skills and technical knowledge to bring out more clarity, details, and expressions. Started taking photos at anime conventions, where I met and worked with a lot of great people. I learned to adjust my shooting style, studied other photographers work, and tried to incorporate certain styles or looks that caught my creative eye. I fell into my own style, my own way of shooting and my own way of delivering what the client wants. Photography is a fun, creative, all inclusive affair which I am passionate about sharing. I enjoy having fun and collaborating during photo shoots, and guarantee you will enjoy every moment, too.

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